Saturday, 9 June 2012

Control an LED on the internet - LIVE VIDEO FEED INCULDED

Go here to view a live video feed of an LED being controlled by my Raspberry Pi, with the option of controlling the LED

(Update 16-16-2012 LED demo stopped worked as SD card wiped itself, I'm currently working on re installing and updating)

It works by:

  1. Simple PHP page that creates or deletes a file
  2. Python script running continuously looking for this file
  3. When it finds the file it switches the LED on, and when it doesn't it switches it off
The Webcam is currently being driving by a windows PC close by and hosted through a service called ustream. Ultimately I would like to have the webcam feed going through the PI also and control something a little bit more interesting :-) But for now its a nice proof of concept.


My RPi on the internet

So this is my RPi as a webserver on the internet. Its all just proof of concept stuff at the moment so not a great deal to see: . If its not working then it probably means that my Pi is switched off

Friday, 8 June 2012

Links to things that I have found useful

These are some websites that I have found to be very useful, in no particular order

Setup and general information:

Internet / Web / PHP etc

Playing with the GPIO: